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[Laughter Lines]

A/N: First damn fic on here, please don't kill me. Spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, language warning too.

70 years ago

[You took me to your favorite place on earth]

"Hurry up! Bucky! Steve!" your legs carry you up the hill as fast as you possibly could, pulling on a boy's sleeve, while the boy pulled on another's. 

Steve's panting as he tries to keep up with you. "Gosh, (First)! Go a bit slower, won't you?"

(First) giggles. "C'mon, Stevey! We gotta go see my favorite place on the entire earth! Me and Buck's gonna leave  off to the camp today- it's the last time the three of us will be together for a long time. Oh, hurry up! Both of you, it's beautiful, really, Steve!"

Bucky jogs up a few paces to meet you. "Hold up now, (Nickname). I'm sure we can get there without Steve combusting."

(First) pouts. "I told you not to call me that, Buck!"

Bucky laughs, ruffling your hair as Steve finally catches up. 

[To see the tree they cut down 10 years from your birth]

They finally reach the tree, and (First) throws her arms into the air. "Beautiful!"

The small area is like a miniature meadow, daffodils and daisies blooming around emerald green grass, one or two fairy circles decorating it. In the middle was a tree trunk. 

"This?" Steve says. 

(Name) nods enthusiastically. "They cut it down 10 years from my birth. It was growing too fast and too big, so we just-" (First) makes a small slashing sound, complete with a small hand gesture. 

[Our fingers traced in circles round its history]

"But still...." she says softly, running a finger around the rings. "It's so old... Don't you feel some nostalgia or deja vu?"

Bucky mockingly pats the trunk, head in a tilt in mock thought. "Gosh, darn! You're quite right, Professor (Last)!" Bucky says in a high pitched tone, Steve smiling at his antics as you stuck your tongue out at him. Stepping forward, he places his own frail hand on the base of the tree, in the middle of your's and Bucky's. 

[We brushed our hands right back time though centuries]

"I understand what you mean, (First)." Steve says quietly, thumb circling. "It really is special, I mean, this, it's so old. You feel kinda," Steve breaks off, waving his arms in the air. "Special? Wonderfilled? Awestruck? I don't know. It just feels so wonderfully serene. Like you're almost going back in time."

(First) grins. "See, Bucky! Steve understands the sentimental value that you don't." she says defiantly, crossing her arms.

Bucky just shakes his head, smiling. "Sure, whatever. It's beautiful, and I know it, but I still find the tree thing kinda stupid..."

You narrow your eyes, and before Steve can stop you, you've tackled Bucky to the ground. 

[As you held me down, you said]

Bucky chokes as your body collides with his, and he falls back onto the soft grass while you raise a fist to punch him.

But, alas, strong as you were, Bucky was even more. Being a fit and tall (not to mention handsome) man of 25, he roughly pushes back, making you yelp and fall onto the soft earth underneath you, Bucky on top of you as you wriggle under his grasp. 

"Bucky!" Steve says accusingly. 

Bucky stares at you, oblivious to the way you two had landed.

[I'll see you in the future when we're older
And we are full of stories to be told
Cross my heart and hope to die
I'll see you with your Laughter Lines]

"I'll see you in the future, (Full Name). I'll see you, just you wait. We'll tell each other stories, cross my heart."

"Cross your heart and hope to die." you say meekly.

"Cross my heart and hope to die." Bucky confirms. "I'll see you with your laughter lines, I promise."

"Really, Sergeant?"

"We'll be fine, Miss Military. I still can't believe you're in the war with me. You deserve better." Bucky smiles, standing up, offering you his hand. 

"It was my choice." You take his hand, getting to your feet.

"But, You too, Steve!" (Name) turns to him, breathlessly. "You write you us both, stay safe!"

Steve nods. "I'll be fine. But y'know, i'm gonna try one last time to get in."

"You've tried so hard, it really will be a shame if you don't get in, so you do just that, Steven Rogers!" (Name) says brightly. 


"Steve! We're crashing!" (Name) shouts. The connection to Peggy had finally been severed, and both of them were left on the plane isolated as they fell.

They couldn't let more people die.

They couldn't. 

And as soon as they crash, (Name)'s taken over by cold that washes over all her senses as your vision goes black.


You wake up when Steve shakes you awake, shouting about "kidnappers" and being at a ball game.


Present Time

[Change is on our hands and on our faces]

Putting your fists up, you clench your jaw, bracing for impact. 

The man you were fighting had a metal arm and has everything Steve had warned you about-The Winter Soldier did not disappoint.  You groan as the man grabs you with his metal arm, and you let out a strangled scream as he starts to strangle you.

"(Name)!" Steve shouts, pulling you put of his grasp. "Are you-"

"Steve!" you say hurriedly. The Winter Soldier had started raising a fist, and Steve ducks out just in time. Caught in hand to hand, Steve dodges blows as fast as the soldier can throw them.

Steve risks a punch and it pays off-The Soldier's mask is pushed clean off and lands a few meters away.

"Bucky?!" (Name) says hoarsely.

His face looked different. So much rougher. Like he'd been through hell and back. All the bright teasing you had seen was gone. And his hair...

Bucky gives you a glance. "Who the hell is Bucky?" 

But before he does anything else, he quickly focuses on the fight in front of him.

[Memories are mapped out on the lines we'll trace]

The fight riles up again, and as soon as you start to stand, your neck gives a twinge of pain, and you start massaging it. 


"(Name)!" A woman calls to you.

"Natasha! Are you..!" Your vision fixes on her shoulder. "Tasha! You're bleeding!"

"Forget about that, we gotta get you out of here!"

"But Steve and Bucky-"

"Bucky? You mean him?" Natasha gestures towards The Winter Soldier. "Any memories you have mapped out, and lines you've wanted to trace isn't there. We can't save him now, we've got to leave!"

You look as though you'll protest but you hold your breath. 

You start sprinting towards her, but you're blocked off by a HYDRA agent. You distantly hear Natasha calling you, but she's silenced by what you expect another agent.

"Well, shit."


[As you held me down you said]

"Dammit, Bucky! Please! Remember!"

He's on top of you, Steve on the upper deck, struggling to get up, fumbling with his chip. He's been shot thrice... Could he even..?

You're snapped out if it as Bucky responds by punches you. 

You wince, cheek stinging. "Bucky!" 

"Not my name!" He punches you with every word. "I don't... I don't know..who that...."

"You're name is James Buchanan Barnes, and you are my best friend!"

"Liar!" He goes in for another blow to the face, but you topple him over with the momentum he creates, pushing him against the floor. 

[I'll see you in the future when we're older
And we are full of stories to be told
Cross my heart and hope to die
I'll see you with your Laughter Lines]

"James! I never thought I'd see you fucking again. I thought you fucking died when you fucking fell off that train! I fucking cried my heart out for you, sobbed and wept, but just please, see! I'm seeing you in the future, aren't I? We have stories to tell, you crossed your heart, you promised me we'd see each other with laughter lines!"

Bucky growls underneath you, pushing you underneath him again. "Liar!"

"You're my friend. I love you."

He looks taken aback by the last statement and his eyes soften before they become steel once again. "You are my mission!" he cries, standing up and stepping on your leg, hard and fast.

A shriek emits from you mouth as you hear bone crack.

He punches you once again, and you groan, blacking out. 


"(Name)." Steve says softly. "Wake up..."

You cough up blood. "Damn, Steve? Are we.. Did we win?"

Steve looks away. "I got the chip in, and the helicarriers are being overridden but I'm sorry. We're going down with the ship."

You smile softly. "Stevey, It's not something to apologize for. Where's Bucky?"

Steve's blue eyes widen. 

He turns around to face his friend but is hit by a punch almost immediately. 
As the Super Soldier dodges every strike weakly, he lets go of his shield and says something you can't make out in your dazed state. An angry yell before Steve's pushed to the ground, as The Winter Soldier keeps on hitting and punching and kicking. You finally regain enough consciousness to hear something. 

"You are my mission!" Bucky's growling, fist raised.

"Then finish it." Steve says meekly, coughing. "'Cause I'm with you till the end of the line." 

The glass shatters underneath him.


[Ashen faces in cold breeze
Ashen faces in cold breeze]

And before your head gets a grasp from reality, before you can stop yourself and before you remind yourself of your broken leg, and dive after him, ignoring the throbbing pain in your leg.

Free falling with Steve, you manage to get a hold on his body, embracing it tightly. Only now do you register your foot, and you're suddenly screaming as you hold onto the Captain's unconscious body. You look at his face, and it's ashen grey. You let out a sob. 

Your last friend. Gone. No hope to save him, no hope for Captain America.

No hope for you. 

You close your eyes, finally allowing the pain to take control. Allowing the pain to take your conciousness.

But not before you see a figure diving after the pair of you, his metal arm outstreched.

[All the stories you will leave
All the stories you will leave]

"Here!" Agent Hill shouts, pulling yours and Steve's limp bodies onto strechers. "Get them to a hospital, ASAP." 

The brunette stops for a moment. "That Winter Soldier's quite the guy. First he's after you two, and now he saves you. Think of all the stories that'll be told, Cap." Hill mutters quietly.

Coulson's voice pops up from behind Hill. "Nostalgic, Agent Hill?" he asks smartly.

"Couldn't resist coming to Cap's aid, huh, Coulson?"

Coulson chuckles. "But of course. That man, though. 'Fraid he's already left stories."


"He was Cap's best wartime friend. He was supposed to have died in action, and how he lived is a mystery. And I'm sure the remainder of S.H.I.E.L.D. will want to know."


[I'll see you in the future when we're older
and we are full of stories to be told. 
Cross my heart and hope to die,
I'll see you with your laughter lines.]

During the fall, Steve had taken most of the impact as you hit the water, but it was still enough to knock you out colder that you had been before, at least you thought. Bucky's nowhere to be found and both you and Steve had recovered without a hitch (except for maybe your leg).

But it's 5 months since the incident. 5 months of trying to track down James Buchanan Barnes with Steve and Sam. 5 months of Natasha in hiding. And 4 months after your leg fully healed.

And finally, you had given up. Saying your farewells to Sam, you and Steve had journeyed back home. Now at your's and Cap's apartment, you were resting, lounging around  in your bedroom, curled up on the bed with a Sherlock Holmes.

"Hey, (Name)?" Steve asks, knocking on the door. "You alright?"

You raise your head, and Steve can tell you aren't "alright". Eyes puffy and nose red, you're sniffling and sobbing. "We didn't find him. We owe him our lives." you say, voice cracking.

Steve sits himself down on the end of the bed. "It's alright, (Name). Bucky wouldn't want you to cry."

And with that sentence, (Name) howls, and flings herself into a hug with him. 

"You really love him, huh?" Steve says quietly, stroking your hair softly. You nod into his shirt.

"Well, I know Bucky loved you too."

You raise your tearful face and look at Steve. "What?"

"He told me. Carried a ring on his tags? He was fiddling with it, and I asked him about it. Told me it was silly, but I persisted. Told me it was for you. Told me after the war he'd tell you that he loved you, ask you out. Told me not to tell you."

You bite your puffy lips, and let more tears fall. "I... I miss him. I want him back here. With us. He said he would see me, see us, in the future. With laughter lines, he promised."

There's only silence as you bury your head into his shoulder.

And then the doorbell rings.

[I'll see you in the future when we're old.
I'll see you in the future when we're old.]

"I'll get it. You rest here." Steve says warmly, rubbing your back.

You let Steve go. "I'm sorry for that."

"It's fine, (Name)." He says, waving your apology away. "I bet it's Sam, he might have forgotten something."

Steve closes the door behind him, and you're left alone. Wiping your tears away, you pull up your book again. It's about a minute before Steve calls you.

"(Name)! There's someone here for you!" He sound more happier than you have ever heard him, and you shrug. Placing the bookmark, you lift yourself off the bed, and across the room to turn the doorknob. 

And in front of you is Steve, arm around Bucky. His hair is short once again, looking like the man he was at war. And he's looking straight at you with uncertain eyes.

"Hey. I'm back."


"Uh, sorry for trying to kill you." Bucky says sheepishly, fiddling around with his hands. "But, uh, I have something for you."

He tugs out his tags from around his neck, and pulls off a silver band.

A ring.

"God, I hope you forgive me. I'm not asking for marriage, or anything, But um, I uh, I love you too." His tone is uncertain as he offers the ring. 

You say nothing. Instead, you step forward pull him in boldly for a kiss. And it lasted what was forever to both of you, the kiss sweet and deep.

Pulling back, you cup his cheek and he wipes your tears dry.

"Welcome home."

Oh my gods, this has reached 100+ favorites in the timespace of me being here for, what, a little over two weeks? Gosh, the comments on this have been so nice, and thank you for the support! Thank you, thank you thank you!

Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, etc. C) Marvel Studios
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